The Shepparton Public Cemetery Trust allows both fresh and artificial flowers to be placed at a grave site or memorial garden site.

Unauthorised placement of ornaments, vases and flowers provide a potential safety hazard to employees/contractors required to maintain, mow and trim lawn areas.


  • All ornamentation must remain within the boundary of the grave and not overhang or be located on neighbouring sites or footpaths.
  • Dead flowers or stray items scattered in public access areas such as footpaths, will be removed by grounds staff.

Acceptable ornamentation:

  1. Fresh, dried or artificial flowers (no wire).
  2. Receptacles and ornamentation that are a part of an approved monument.
  3. Durable toys (weather proof).
  4. Solid non-breakable garden ornaments (e.g. concrete).
  5. Wind chimes, windmill ornaments on wooden or plastic sticks, up to 300mm above the ground level (maximum four per grave).
  6. Small solar or battery powered lights.

Not acceptable:

  1. Any glass items.
  2. Anything placed or planted in the pathways.
  3. Using adjacent graves as workstations, display and storage.

Your co-operation in following these guidelines will prevent disappointment, as non-approved tributes may be removed and disposed of without notification.